Kizer Variable Wharncliffe D2 Fixed Blade 1052A1

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  • Model: Variable Wharncliffe

  • Model Number: 1052A1

  • Overall Length:4.84"/123mm

  • Designer: Dirk Pinkerton

  • Blade Length: 3.425"/84mm

  • Blade Thickness: 0.11"/2.8mm

  • Blade Material: D2

  • Handle Length: 1.42"/36mm

  • Handle Material: Micarta

  • Weight: 1.90oz./54g

  • Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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James Morth

Simply put, I liked this knife so much I ordered it to be custom made by Dirk Pinkerton.
I have a Kizer version for work, gave one to a friend for a 30 day thru-hike, and the Pinkerton will be a dress up/edc defense knife.
I have 3xl hands and its design allows me to use this knife in any grip. Way to go Dirk and Kizer.
If I had one gripe it would be the steel, d2 is ok for budget knives, but not great for this knife. I would be happy with a 154cm or 14c28n version for this budget, even if it would cost a bit more. For a knife designed to be worn close to the skin I wonder why Kizer went with D2…
This in S35vn, S45vn (mid), or Magnacut (high end) version would be epic. My custom was ordered in magnacut 😁
Overall I would recommend this knife as a good workhorse knife for small general tasks. It’s design will chew though cardboard, rope. And utility tasks nicely. Just remember to pick up some EDCi formula and clean regularly.
Tip: micarta on this knife will hold water. Take the scales off and add a healthy layer of EDCi to the tang and scales. This will help stop any rusting by the scales.

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